Saturday, 2014-08-02

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rm_worklast 4 rechecks failed dsvm03:14
rm_workbut the tests all run fine03:14
rm_worklocal devstack03:14
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/barbican-specs: Remove leftover references to Nova
rm_workthis is so dumb03:58
rm_worki really really really hate the dsvm test right now04:05
rm_workabout to file a bug04:05
openstackgerritAde Lee proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Code to pass through transport_key_id when storing secret
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rm_worki think i'm going insane05:21
rm_worki've done "recheck no bug" 8 times05:22
rm_workit's a random test that fails every time05:22
rm_worknothing changed that could cause these failures <_<05:24
rm_worknot to mention it's not always the same test that fails05:24
rm_work9th time's the charm05:49
rm_workalso, "boto" is not in test-requirements.txt05:59
rm_workbut is totally required for testing T_T05:59
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