Thursday, 2014-07-31

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openstackgerritAde Lee proposed a change to openstack/barbican: code to retrieve transport key on metadata request
rellerrelleralee thanks!21:10
aleerellerreller, woodster - awesome - thanks!21:10
woodsterone down, two to go....21:10
aleejvrbanac, how about a +2 and +1 workflow ?21:11
woodsterwell, ok, not counting merges!21:11
rellerrelleralee have a good day. I"m headed out now21:11
aleeyeah -- I'm getting used to merges :)21:11
aleerellerreller, thanks you too!21:11
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jvrbanacalee, done21:13
aleejvrbanac, thank you sir!  gentlemen and scholars all round.21:14
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aleewoodster, I'll merge and get the others posted tonight.  Am out tommorow but I'll watch for a new cert/symantec patch from you and chellygel .21:17
woodsteralee: sounds good, have a good weekend21:17
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aleeyou too21:18
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rm_workalright, got the tempest tests running in my devstack…21:21
woodsterrm_work: drats, we are running out of hoops to have you jump through :\ jk....21:27
rm_workit does seem like it sometimes :P21:27
atiwariwoodster, for where you are seeing the container validation ?21:31
woodsteratiwari: I think it was a rebase artifact I saw in there. It is hard to tell the new stuff from rebased deltas with gerrit, apologies. I do think that this change should be in a different CR though:,cm21:33
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atiwariwoodster, np. I think need to understand more on your concern but this is only for order type21:35
atiwariit wd be helpful if you add comments in the cr21:36
atiwariI know it is little big but dedicated to only one BP/Spec21:36
woodsteratiwari: so the code at line 131 of plugin/ 'generate_asymmetric_secret()' is coming from another merged CR then?21:37
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atiwariwoodster, no that is my cr which is not merged yet21:39
woodsteratiwari: so I'm saying code like that would be better to have in a dependent or separate CR...that doesn't deal directly with the order type/meta additions like other code changes in that CR21:40
atiwariwoodster,  then how do we support Asymmetric order type, which need this piece of code21:42
atiwariyou want it to land before order type ?21:42
redrobotatiwari, I think the point that woodster is trying to make is that you've added way too much functionailty in a single CR, which is why it's taking us so long to review21:43
redrobotatiwari asymmetric order generation is a new feature, and as such, it would be better to split up into its own CR21:44
redrobotit also doesn't help that Gerrit is not very smart about showing deltas between two patches in the same CR21:45
atiwariredrobot, woodster can you tell me how should I split it? Initially I made the changes in crypto plugin and this one is REST part.21:46
atiwariredrobot, IMO the changes in this cr are atomic to only one spec21:48
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atiwariit wd be good it it land together. To make it review simple I did not removed the old code21:49
woodsteratiwari: I think the order type/meta work is good to me, including the api/controller work, and the queue/tasks changes. I realize we will remove the old order schema support at some point soon.  Anything else in there though is somethign best in another CR I'd think21:53
woodsteratiwari: by having the order type/meta in there, we can unblock the certificate workflow generation stuff for example, again as a follow on CR to this one though.  You could submit a CR for the async stuff as well.21:53
openstackgerritDouglas Mendizábal proposed a change to openstack/barbican-specs: Remove leftover references to Nova
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atiwariwoodster, let me see how I can split it, but if you are concerned about change . THis is done because of your change for code restructuring.21:56
rm_workso, there's a bug in the way the Tempest rest_client handles the DELETE method >_<21:57
rm_workreaperhulk: do the tests have to be … COMPLETE? :P21:59
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atiwariwoodster, I will ping you tomorrow after looking in to it.22:05
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/barbican: code to retrieve transport key on metadata request
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openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Add support to Barbican for consumer registration
openstackgerritDouglas Mendizábal proposed a change to openstack/barbican-specs: Add Containers to python-barbicanclient
rm_workgot it22:38
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reaperhulkrm_work: I care only about smoketest equivalents. As long as you test register/unregister I'm happy :)22:51
reaperhulklooks like your tests do create/delete/create again, that's fine22:52
reaperhulkassuming they pass ;)22:52
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openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Add support to Barbican for consumer registration
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